Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thailand girls are famous throughout the world for their beauty. Is it worthwhile for an American man to get to know them and marry them?

An American man should know that Thailand girls are not a monolithic group and there are several kinds of Thailand girls.

The most famous kind of Thailand girls is the prostitute girls. There is a kind of a social structure when it comes to the prostitute girls. The lowest class is the streetwalkers. They belong to no bar and sell their body on the streets. If you do decide to purchase their services, you should watch them like a hawk because they will steal from you, given half the chance. They belong to no bar so it makes it difficult to find them. Above the streetwalkers are the bar girls. They work at bars and act like hostesses. Above the bar girls are the go-go girls. They make more money than the bar girls and get to dance wearing almost nothing. The upper class of this kind of Thailand girls is hostesses and massage parlor girls. They make much more than the others. A massage parlor girl can make as much as 100 dollars per massage. These Thailand girls don't come cheap, but they are always demanding that you give them a tip.

Are these the kind of Thailand girls that you would want to marry? These Thailand girls are easy to satisfy in one way. They only want one thing and that is your money. The problem is that they always want your money and they could suck you dry of your hard-earned cash. As long as you don't mind that they are taking all your money, they are probably the kind of girl for you.

The other kinds of Thailand girls are Thai-Chinese girls, village girls, business girls and the working girls. They are different from the prostitute kind in that they are definitely more conservative when it comes to sex. Some of them openly say that they will not have sex until you marry them. They do have in common with the prostitute kind that they might be only interested in your money. All Thais see Americans as rich and it is no different with these Thailand girls. They think that the rich American is going to raise their financial status and save them from a life of poverty. You are the lucky American who can find one of these Thailand girls that is not interested in your money.

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